Our Queens and Sires were carefully selected to pass on their health, strength, and beauty to their offspring.  We have searched the world to bring the best of the Bengal breed.  All of our breeder cats are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) as purebred Bengals with pedigrees. We thoroughly test our Bengal Queens and Sire's for heart-healthy lineages and to clear them of any genetic issues.  We guarantee our kitten’s health free from genetic illnesses for two years. 


Leon Leo ​of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "The Lion" (Greek)

cs/cb (Seal Mink Snow) APb/A (carries for charcoal), tested and clear of any known genetic health predispositions  

seal mink snow bengal with aqua blue eyes leo of mandys bengals
Leo is a Seal Mink Snow (carrying for charcoal) Bengal from award-winning breeder Akeera Bengal. His Sire was Metatron from award-winning Begally's Cattery in Quebec.  He is lean, muscular and athletic with gorgeous aqua colored eyes, and light colored high contrast spotted coat. We know him for his wonderful temperament, being exceptional with children and very loving towards our family. 
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing 

Elysor Malcolm of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Devotee" (Scottish)

C/C, A/a (carries for melanistic), D/d (carries for blue/dilute), gl/gl (glitter coat), tested and clear of any known genetic health predispositions

brown spotted bengal cat mandys bengals bengal breeder
Malcolm is an exotic brown Bengal (carrying for melanistic) from acclaimed international breeder Elysor Bengals. He comes from a very sought after line and we are grateful and excited to have him here at our cattery.  He has a long and lean body-type with super large doughnut / tri-color rosettes.  Malcolm produces brown and charcoal brown Bengals with the same exotic print! 
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing