Our Quality Guarantee

Our Queens and Sires were carefully selected to pass on their health, strength, and beauty to their offspring.  We have searched the world to bring the best of the Bengal breed.  All of our breeder cats are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) as purebred Bengals with pedigrees. We thoroughly test our Bengal Queens and Sire's for heart-healthy lineages and to clear them of any genetic issues.  We guarantee our kitten’s health free from genetic illnesses for two years. 

Laxmi Lotus of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Purity" (Buddhism) 

cs/cs (Seal Lynx Snow)  D/d (carries for dilute/blue) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N 

Lotus is a Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal (carrier for dilute) from award-winning breeder Akeera Bengal.  She is feminine from head to toe with her slender, strong and tall build, the most beautiful sky blue eyes, and light colored spotted coat. 
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing 

A-Murr Qintar of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "The Treasure"  (Arabic)

C/cs (carries for snow) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N  

Qintar is a brown Bengal (carrier for snow) from the award-winning breeder, Bengallys. She is a CCA champion and produces brown and snow Bengals. She has beautiful large tri-color rosettes, and her coat is full of glitter. With her small ears and stunning golden eyes, she is a perfect addition to our breeding program!
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing 

Bengallys Sephora of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Beautiful Bird" (Hebrew)

cs/cs  (Seal Lynx Snow) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N 

Sephora is a Seal Lynx Point snow Bengal from the award-winning breeder, Bengallys. Her father is the renowned "Achille" who earned  Supreme master Grand champion CCA, Quadruple Grand Champion TICA, Quadruple Grand Champion ACFA, and Grand Champion CCC. Her mother, Qintar of MandysBengals, is also a CCA champion. Sephora is a rare beauty with ice-blue eyes.  She has large clouded rosettes, which create a ghosted pattern on her silky white coat. Sephora inherited the very rare 'satin-glitter' gene, which also gives her coat a glittering and lustrous look. She is very talkative and super affectionate. Sephora produces brown and snow kittens, which are gorgeous! 
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing 

EyeOfTheTiger Zara of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Princess" (Hebrew)

C/cs (carries for snow) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N  

Zara is a brown Bengal (carrier for snow) from award-winning Eye of the Tiger Cattery.  Her mother is "Antigone" a CCA champion.  Zara has a highly contrasted coat and beautiful large tri-color doughnut rosettes  (lots and lots of rosettes that even run into her tail!).   Her print is fantastic and is complemented by a white spotted belly. She produces beautiful brown and snow Bengal kittens! 
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing 

Elysor Dahlia of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "The Flower"  (Scandinavian) 

cb/cs (Seal Mink Snow), APb/APb (double charcoal), PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N

Dahlia is a very rare double-charcoal seal mink snow Bengal from the highly acclaimed Elysor Cattery.  She has a highly contrasted coat and the trademark dark face mask of the charcoal Bengal cats.  Her coat pattern is full of arrowhead and pawprint rosettes. She produces beautiful brown, snow, and charcoal kittens.
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing 

Eleanorcats Khloe of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Blooming" (Greek)

cb/cs (Seal Mink Snow), A/APb (carries for charcoal) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N 

Khloe is a seal mink snow Bengal carrying for charcoal from acclaimed breeder Eleanorcats. She has a highly contrasted coat with well placed clouded rosettes.  She even has a heart-shaped rosette on her left side!  Her tail is long a full just like the snow leopards that we admire. Khloe produces stunning brown and snow cubs.
CCC Reg. # BGF202085-022197
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing

Nakita of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Victory"  (American)

cs/cs (Seal Lynx Snow) APb/A (carries for charcoal) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N

Nakita is a seal lynx point snow Bengal homebred from MandysBengals.   She has a silky soft coat with a stunning exotic print made up of arrowhead and pawprint rosettes. Because she carries the Asian Leopard charcoal coat gene, her print has a lot of contrast for a seal lynx point.  Her body type is strong and robust and her face comes with a great chin inherited from her father, Leo of MandysBengals.  What we love about her most are the adorable blue angelique eyes she inherited from her mother, Lotus of MandysBengals.  Nakita (or Kita as we call her) is super friendly and loves to play (even by herself if nobody else is around!) She produces outstanding brown and snow along with charcoal Bengal cubs.
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing

Xena of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Welcoming"  (Greek)

C/cs (carries for snow) A/APb (carries for charcoal) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

Xena of MandysBengals

Xena is a traditional brown Bengal homebred from MandysBengals.  Like her mom, Zara of MandysBengals, she has a slender body-type with stunning tri-colored rosettes. Xena inherited the snow and charcoal coat gene from her father, Leo of MandysBengals, so she produces brown, snow and charcoal kittens. She holds her own in the cattery, hence the name Xena, our little warrior princess! 
Pedigree  Genetic Health Testing 

Eleanorcats Elsa of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Pledged to God" (German) 

cs/cb (Silver Seal Mink Snow) A/a (carries for melanistic) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N  

Elsa is a Silver Seal Mink Snow Bengal from Elanorcats, one of the most well-respected Bengal breeders in the country. Her father is an exotic silver Bengal from Russia, but she also inherited her mother's pretty blue eyes.  Her print consists of flowing clouded rosettes on a snow-white ground coat.  She is highly sociable, adventurous, and very affectionate making her one of our pride and joys! 
Pedigree & Health Testing 

Elysor Lola of MandysBengals​

Name Meaning: "Free" (Lola is short for Carlota - Spanish) 

C/(may carry for snow), A/(may carry for charcoal) PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

Lola is a brown Bengal (may carry for snow and charcoal*) from Elysor Cattery. Elysor's cats are found on the pedigrees of many champion cat lines worldwide. Lola has the sought-after "wild" look balanced with a very loving and affectionate nature. Gold colored eyes compliment her gold-tipped glittered coat. At a glance, it appears like she's covered with gold dust! Lola has a clouded print outlined in small spotting, giving her a very distinct look. She produces brown, possibly snow, and charcoal kittens.
Pedigree (Genetic Health Testing coming soon!)

Ayla of MandysBengals​

Name Meaning: "From a Stong Place" (Scottish) 

cs/cs (Seal Lynx Snow)  PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

Ayla is a Seal Lynx Point snow Bengal homebred from Mandys Bengals.   She has a powerful body-type covered by a velvety spotted coat.  Her stunning sky-blue eyes inherited by her mother, Lotus of MandysBengals, give her a rare and exotic look.  Ayla is highly sociable and likes to start her day with lots of kisses!  Depending on how she is paired, we expect Seal Lynx, Seal Mink, or traditional Brown Kittens.  We are looking forward to watching her mature and produce more beautiful and lovable Mandy's Bengal Kittens! 
Pedigree (Genetic Health Testing coming soon!)

Saffron of MandysBengals​

Name Meaning: "Gold Leaves" (Old French) 

cs/cs (Seal Lynx Snow)  PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

Saffron is a Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal(may carry charcoal) homebred at Mandy's Bengals. She inherited her mother's, Sephora of Mandy's Bengals, stunning ice-blue eyes.  
Her coat is as soft as silk, has large horizontal flowing rosettes, and is full of satin-glitter! 
She has a playful (sometimes goofy!) personality which makes her a joy to be with.
More to come! 
Pedigree (Genetic Health Testing coming soon!)


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