AkeeraBengal Laxmi Lotus of MandysBengals

cs/cs  D/d PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N carries for dilute / blue

Lotus is a Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal (carrier for dilute) from award-winning breeder Akeera Bengal.  She is feminine from head to toe with her slender, strong and tall build, the most beautiful sky blue eyes, and light colored spotted coat. 
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A-Murr Qintar of MandysBengals

C/cs PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N  carries for snow

Qintar is a brown Bengal (carrier for snow) from the award-winning breeder, Bengallys. She is a CCA champion and produces brown and snow Bengals. She has beautiful large tri-color rosettes, and her coat is full of glitter. With her small ears and stunning golden eyes, she is a perfect addition to our breeding program!
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Bengallys Sephora of MandysBengals

cs/cs  PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N 

Sephora is a Seal Lynx Point snow Bengal from the award-winning breeder, Bengallys. Her father is the renowned "Achille" who earned the titles of Supreme master Grand champion CCA, Quadruple Grand Champion TICA, Quadruple Grand Champion ACFA, and Grand Champion CCC! Her mother is also a CCA champion!! She has beautiful large doughnut rosettes on a glittering white coat and crystal blue eyes which are big and wild-looking. What we love most is her playful and loving temperament. She even greets us at the door when we come home! We are so excited about what Sephora will bring to our breeding program!  
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EyeOfTheTiger Zara of MandysBengals

C/cs PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N  carries for snow

Zara is a brown Bengal (carrier for snow) from award-winning Eye of the Tiger Cattery.  Her mother is "Antigone" a CCA champion.  Zara has a highly contrasted coat and beautiful large tri-color doughnut rosettes  (lots and lots of rosettes that even run into her tail!).   Her print is fantastic and is complemented by a white spotted belly. She produces beautiful brown and snow Bengal kittens! 
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Elysor Dahlia of MandysBengals

cb/cs, APb/APb, PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N


Dahlia is a very rare double-charcoal seal mink snow Bengal from Elysor Cattery in Quebec.   She has a highly contrasted coat and the trademark dark face mask of the charcoal Bengal cats.  She produces beautiful seal lynx, seal mink and sepia snow Bengals! 
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Saphira Khloe of MandysBengals

cb/cb, PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N

Khloe is a seal sepia snow Bengal from acclaimed Saphira Cattery near Quebec city.   She has a highly contrasted coat, a strong athletic body type, a great chin, and beautiful green eyes.  More to come!
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing - Coming soon!

Nakita of MandysBengals

cs/cb, APb/A, PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N

carries for charcoal

Nakita is a seal lynx point snow Bengal homebred from MandysBengals.   She has a silky soft coat with a stunning print and big rosettes. Because she carries for the Asian Leopard charcoal coat gene, her print has a lot of contrast for an SLP.  Her body type is strong and robust and her face comes with a great chin and adorable blue angelique eyes.  Nakita (or Kita as we call her) is super friendly and loves to play (even by herself if nobody else is around!) We love this little girl and are grateful to have her stay with us! 
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing - Coming soon!


Leon Leo ​

cs/cb APb/A PkDef N/N, PRA-b N/N  carries for charcoal

Leo is a Seal Mink Snow (carrying for charcoal) Bengal from award-winning breeder Akeera Bengal. His Sire was Metatron from award-winning Begally's Cattery in Quebec.  He is lean, muscular and athletic with gorgeous aqua colored eyes, and light colored high contrast spotted coat. We know him for his wonderful temperament, being exceptional with children and very loving towards our family. 
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing 

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Queens and Sires were carefully selected to pass on their health, strength, and beauty to their offspring.  We have searched the world to bring the best of the Bengal breed.  All of our breeder cats are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) as purebred Bengals with pedigrees. We thoroughly test our Bengal Queens and Sire's for heart-healthy lineages and to clear them of any genetic issues.  We guarantee our kitten’s health free from genetic illnesses for two years. 


Kiki Sarabi (retired)

Kiki is a Brown Bengal from award-winning breeder Akeera Bengal.  She is the smartest and intuitive Bengal we have ever met. Although shy at times is highly affectionate wih a very loving temperament. With her small ears and tail, along with her highly contrasted coat and wild looking face, she has highly sought after breeding features. She is our first Bengal and now lives the retired life with us at our home!