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Kiki Sarabi (retired)

Kiki is a Brown Bengal from award-winning breeder Akeera Bengal.  She is the smartest and intuitive Bengal we have ever met. Although shy at times is highly affectionate with a very loving temperament. With her small ears and tail, along with her highly contrasted coat and wild-looking face, she has highly sought after breeding features. She is our first Bengal and now lives the retired life at her new forever home! 

Nakita of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Victory"  (American)

cs/cs (Seal Lynx Snow), A/APb (carries for charcoal), gl/gl (glitter coat), tested and clear of any known genetic health predispositions. Tested and negative for FeLV, FIV, Giardia, Coccidia and Trichomonas.

seal lynx point spotted bengal leopard cat kita of mandys bengals
Nakita is a seal lynx point snow Bengal homebred from MandysBengals.   She has a silky soft coat with a stunning exotic print made up of arrowhead and pawprint rosettes. Because she carries the Asian Leopard charcoal coat gene, her print has a lot of contrast for a seal lynx point.  Her body type is strong and robust and her face comes with a great chin inherited from her father, Leo of MandysBengals.  What we love about her most are the adorable blue angelique eyes she inherited from her mother, Lotus of MandysBengals.  Nakita (or Kita as we call her) is super friendly and loves to play (even by herself if nobody else is around!) She produces outstanding brown and snow along with charcoal Bengal cubs.
Pedigree & Genetic Health Testing

Eleanorcats Elsa of MandysBengals

Name Meaning: "Pledged to God" (German) 

cs/cb (Silver Seal Mink Snow) A/a (carries for melanistic), gl (carries for glitter), tested and clear of any known genetic health predispositions. Tested and negative for FeLV, FIV, Feline Coronavirus, Feline Herpesvirus, Giardia, Coccidia and Trichomonas.

silver snow mink bengal cat mandys bengals toronto ontario bengal breeder
Elsa is a Silver Seal Mink Snow Bengal from Elanorcats, one of the most well-respected Bengal breeders in the country. Her father is an exotic silver Bengal from Russia and her mother is a snow Bengal with crystal blue eyes. Her print consists of flowing clouded rosettes on a snow-white/silver ground coat.  She is highly sociable, adventurous, and very affectionate making her one of our pride and joys! 
Pedigree & Health Testing 

Bengallys Aimée of MandysBengals​

Name Meaning: "Beloved Friend" (French) 

cs/cs (Seal Mink Snow), APb/A (carries for charcoal) gl (carries for glitter), tested and clear of any known genetic health predispositions. Tested and negative for Feline Coronavirus, Giardia, Coccidia and Trichomonas.


Aimée is a stunning seal mink snow Bengal.  Her print has a beautiful combination of well-spaced clouded and paw-print rosettes on a distinctly clear coat.  Her father is the renowned "Bengalleopard Morphée of Bengallys" who earned  Supreme master Grand champion CCA, Supreme Grand Champion TICA, Double Champion ACFA, and Champion CFA.  Aimée's temperament is curious, outgoing and super friendly! She produces brown and snow cubs with some in charcoal color. 

Pedigree and Genetic Health Testing